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Personal injury claims can arise in a variety of situations.  Car accidents, slip and falls, unreasonably dangerous or defective products, on-the-job work-place accidents and medical negligence are just some of the causes for personal injuries.  To recover under a negligence theory, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff, that the duty was breached and that the breach of that duty was the proximate cause of actual damages.  The Neff Law Group is committed to helping those injured as a result of another’s negligence the full compensation the law allows.  Many defendants have insurance and those insurance companies are committing to protecting their interests.  Toward that end, those same insurance companies have scores of lawyers whose very job is to try to deny any recovery or to convince the injured party to settle their claims for less than they should.  Having an experienced trial attorney on your side will help you to secure a fair settlement or verdict at trial. If you have been injured, contact the Neff Law Group to explore your legal rights and options.